The Noah's Ark centre is available for hire. If you are interested in hiring rooms please read our booking policy and fill out the enquiry form below. Please return either by e-mail to or deliver to the Noah's Ark Centre.

The principal purpose of Speke Baptist Church is the advancement of the Christian faith according to the principles of the Baptist denomination. The Church may also advance education and carry out other charitable purposes in the United Kingdom and/or other parts of the world.

Premises owned by Speke Baptist Church (SBC) and the Noah’s Ark Centre (NAC) will be available for hire for the following purposes:

• For the provision of any medical or health services
• As a Creche, day nursery or day centre
• For the provision of education
• As a public hall
• For Christian public worship or instruction
• For social events


Booking Policy and
Enquiry Form


Booking Policy and
Enquiry Form (not editable)

SBC and the NAC reserve the right to restrict the availability of premises if the proposed use could cause offence to persons who hold to the church’s statement of faith, beliefs or doctrines or if the purpose of the organisation wishing to hire the premises conflicts with the purpose of the church or could cause conflict with the strongly held religious convictions of a significant number of the church’s members. For this reason, full disclosure of the precise nature of the event at the time of booking must occur. Failure to fully disclose the nature of the event may result in termination of the contract.