Children's resources

Sunday morning colouring sheets



  1. Here are some resources that you can use with your children at home to help them learn more about who Jesus is.

Open doors

Here are some great open doors resouces to use with your children at home:

Daily devotional videos fro. Faith in Kids



Even more Children and Families resources during coronavirus season:

 Click on the following titles to access the rescources

Here are some short videos explaining bible truth 

  1. Douglas Talks: lessons in life from the Bible
  1. Saddleback Kids: Bible stories animated
  1. Crossroads for Kids: stories, life lessons, music/worship video for kids


Don't forget: 

Beginners Bible videos

 Veggie Tales

 Buck Denver What's in the bible



 Torchlight series (heroes of the faith)

OR on Go Minno TV (subscription service)


For a free sample of some great easter devotions for children click HERE